Tai Chi Theory

A compilation of Theory and Concepts for our understanding of Tai Chi

The Basics

Stable Body Structure (框架穩定)

Stable Line of Gravity (中線)

Suspended Focus State (虚領狀態)

The Theory

Wang Zongyue Taijiquan Lun 

The Concepts

  • Five Points of Gravity: Feet (五點聚力: 腳)
  • Five Points of Gravity: Spine (五點聚力: 脊骨)

  • Five Points of Gravity: Hands (五點聚力: 手)
  • Borrowing Gravity: Point to Line (點變綫 )

  • 'Lever' / Pulley' (滑輪)

  • Solid: Muscles/Skeleton/Ligaments 

  • Liquid:  Water/Blood (气血流动)