Taichi Lessons

I went and did a quick search on google online, and found quite a few online courses. Mostly involved teaching about the forms and moves of Taichi. Personally, I feel like a more scientific approach to Taichi is lacking.

So here's my thoughts on Taichi, broken down in to a lesson by lesson. It's structured into a question and answer format. Most of these exchanges were with my Teacher. There are images throughout, so the lessons aren't as dry.


Lesson 1: Purpose of Tai Chi (Theory)

Lesson 2: Stable Line of Gravity (Application)

Lesson 3: Mind Stability (Theory)

Lesson 4: Suspended Focus State (Application)

Lesson 5:  Five Points of Gravity (How to Relax in Taichi) (Theory)

Lesson 6: Legs - Downward Gravitational Pull (Application)

Lesson 7: Legs - Muscle Relaxation (Theory)

Lesson 8: Spine - Downward Gravitational Pull (Application)

Lesson 9: Spine - Muscle Relaxation (Theory)


Video 1: Yang Style First Phase · 楊氏 第一段 

Video 2: Grasp the Bird's tail · 攬雀尾

Video 3: Raise Hands & Step Forward + White Crane Spreads its Wings · 提手上势 + 白鹤亮翅