Why is Stable Body Structure Important in Tai Chi?


I always wondered how in the world could I practice Tai Chi like my dad. He does things which I cannot do, even though I really want to. Looking around, I especially like how he can execute Tai Chi moves in a relaxed state. 

For example, all of my dad's center of gravity is shifted towards one foot. Stability is achieved because there is no unnecessary muscle contraction in the body (which happens when our body tries to stable itself, as we have been programmed our bodies to do so subconsciously).The weight of the upper body is literally 'placed' on one of his feet. His line of gravity is aligned and stabled, then the movement begins.

I have a whole new level of appreciation when see how I perform alongside my dad's video. When I try it for myself, I find myself shaking. Mind you, I just came back from a morning run and decided to do this on a whim. So my mental state is definitely not in its most relaxed state.

I really have no clue what I'm doing, but I do know that I'm not supposed to be shaking. After looking at my own video, I believe I have some talent in Tai Chi. My talent is that I naturally suck at Tai Chi. Here's another clip.

I remember my dad keeps saying that I shake a lot when I move. I didn't really realize how much I'm shaking until I actually see myself on camera. Oh and that cringe moment when I look at myself on camera... Ugh.

Practicing Tai Chi can be fun, and I hope to be able to share more of my journey. :))

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